Our Stories

Our Stories

Andrea and Kelsey

We met in 2007, quickly learning we had completely different experiences and perspectives to offer each other, along with many shared passions. Fast forward a few years – many discussions (and laughs!) later, Kelsey became Andrea’s Tour Manager for the Spring 2011 Tour and we have continued to meet up and travel together when our schedules allow. Stay Here with Me is our first collaboration and we’re bringing our differing experiences and shared heart to this adventure. For over a year we’ve been brainstorming for this site and we are SO EXCITED that it is here.

We are even more excited that you’re here. Please stay here with us – let’s help each other stay alive.


Andrea Gibson is a spoken word artist and activist who travels around the country with readings on sexuality, class, white privilege, gender, love, war, bullying, and mental health. The first winner of the Women of the World poetry slam, Andrea’s work has been featured on the BBC, Air America, C-SPAN, Free Speech TV, and in 2010 was read by a state representative in lieu of morning prayer at the Utah State Legislature. Andrea is thrilled to have this space to dialogue with you all about trauma, suicide, and the things that keep us here and wanting to be here.


Kelsey Gibb is a Qualified Mental Health Professional (QMHP) who has worked in the social service field for the past six years, at a rape crisis center and recently (2010-present) as a clinician for adults with mental illness. An activist for causes including: feminism, LGBTQ… rights, anti-white supremacy, animal rights, and pro-peace work, Kelsey earned her Master of Arts in Liberal Studies (MALS), focusing on the Social Sciences. She is excited to work with each of you in erasing the shame from traumatic experiences, mental health and illness, suicidality, and to find reasons to keep living.


We are people working to stay alive and sharing the things that keep us here in hopes these things can be a resource for others. We are not licensed counselors or doctors. We encourage utilizing all resources within your access – support groups, professionals, books, etc. – as you work to stay alive. For more information on national resources, visit our Resources and Links page.

We recognize that we, and all of our experiences, are coming from a place of many privileges – all of them unearned and coming from/resulting in the unjust oppression of others.

We will work diligently to make every post as aware of privilege and inclusive as we can but, realistically, we know we’re going to mess up at times. We have a lot to both learn and unlearn, and we hope you’ll help us.

If you have any concerns, questions, or comments please send a (constructive) email to us at stayherewithus@gmail.com. We will read and take every email into consideration, though due to the high volume of emails received we will not be able to respond directly to each one.

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