Tethering, say what?

We’re on the road, somewhere in Illinois, updating from inside Dan the Van! Gotta love the iPhone 3G S!

This weekend, we played some great shows in Indiana. On Friday, we played at the Barn in St. Joe, with Radio Empire, Run Forever, and For Sale. Saturday, we played our studio sendoff show at New Horizon Community Church with Roblock and Wax Eyes. Both shows were an incredible time and had great turnouts… a great way to start our Colorado trip.

First stop on our adventure to Colorado is in Bushnell, Illinois for Cornerstone Music Festival. We’re playing Tuesday at 10:00 pm, Wednesday at 4:40 and 11:20, all on the Indie Community Stage. After our shows at Cornerstone, we’ll pack up and drive to Colorado Springs to begin recording our new album, Stay Here With Me (for better or for worse). We are excited to get started and get to the Springs.

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Andrew Clark is a software designer and social networking guru who is tagging along with Darkroom as their Media Developer throughout their time in Colorado and beyond. He has an undying love for delicious sandwiches. Visit his website - hiimandy.com.