Darkroom Cornerstone Wrapup

We just left Cornerstone Music Festival, where they had a 3-show series on the Indie Community Stage.  We had a great turnout for all of our shows and sold out of our album, A Curious Excavation.

We met up with some old friends and saw some great shows at Cornerstone. Our friends Deas Vail, All the Day Holiday, Dignan, Standing Small, Etna Green and Speak of the South all played really great shows.  Shows we enjoyed include David Bazan, Rosie Thomas, Derek Webb, The Rocket Boys, Sons had Father, and Copeland.  It was a great time in Marietta, Illinois.

As of now, we’re sitting at the Main Street Cafe in Kansas City, Missouri.  We miss Cornerstone, but are glad to finally be in a city.

  • Darkroom Cornerstone Video on Vimeo –
  • Deas Vail –
  • Etna Green –
  • Dignan –
  • All The Day Holiday –
  • Main Street Cafe – http://www.mainstreetcafe.org

About the Author

Andrew Clark is a software designer and social networking guru who is tagging along with Darkroom as their Media Developer throughout their time in Colorado and beyond. He has an undying love for delicious sandwiches. Visit his website - hiimandy.com.